PROJECT: Victoire ITP Course Results
BUILDER: Victoire cycles
FINISH:  Whilst we have dozens of attendees on our varied paint courses, it’s more often than not the case that we don’t get good quality images to share with you… and why should we? Bikes are for riding. Having said that, a the beginning of the year we we had the pleasure of hosting Julien Leyreloup of the brilliant Victoire Cycles and he recently sent us these images of the completed bike.

All of the refinishing in these images was achieved inside our standard, three day ‘Introduction to Paint’ Course. Julien took guidance from us here regarding his flourishes in order that we could arrange his graphics with deliberate ‘mis-matched’ alignment and asymmetry. this helps us fuss less on the ‘just-so’ placement of graphics and more on the actual technical application of product. We were able to steer the colour product choices in order that we could feature two main colours, one a ‘flat’ grey product and the other a ‘metallic’ Hot Chocolate brown, so that we could make a feature of the dynamic differences in the products and still ensure that the colours would cover well. The branding elements of this finish are added in a metallic gun metal grey and with a little bit of careful masking and airbrushing, there’s even a red rising sun in the small Tange tubing logo on the seat tube.

The lush sheen was achieved through methodical polishing on day three of the course and now, fully equipped with this knowledge, Julien has set up a booth at his workshop and taken refinishing of his bikes in-house. We expect him to pay a visit to us again later on the year to tackle some more complex details and effects on our Advanced ITO course so that he and his staff can offer even more interesting designs to their customers.

We’re so impressed with the final result and Julien’s build overall. Remember… this is not an expertly applied Cole Coatings Workshop finish; it’s a finish by a novice on a three-day supervised course at our workshop and is the perfect example of what you can create here with a little coaching and some guidance.

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[Images via Victoire Cycles]