PROJECT: Toad Fractal Wrap Fade
BUILDER: Toad Custom Cycles
FINISH: One of the most technically challenging and time consuming projects we undertook for the Bespoked show was this road bike frameset for Toby.

At first glance, this is simply a bike with a fade and a geometric pattern but if you get up close you’ll notice it’s not as straightforward as it seems.

There’s a four colour fade that starts at the front of the bike transitioning through a further two shades of grey until finishing up in pure white.

The inside of the fork blades have a minimal, solid blue-grey that allows for focus on the delicate geometric pattern on the outside of the forks.

This same fine line fractal pattern is present on the top and down tubes. It’s plainly visible in the darker shades of the fade and disappears in the lighter grey. The pattern itself wraps around the circumference of the tubing and meets seamlessly on the underside for a continuous design, a subtle feature that can go unnoticed.

The down tube drop shadow logotype and TOAD face badge on the head tube and seat tube are picked out in white.

[Images via  Ben Broomfield]