PROJECT: Speedvagen by Cole Coatings Workshop
BUILDER: Speedvagen
FINISH:  This is the second of two "House Special" finishes for the same customer via Jonny Noble.

The brief here was to "Make it look like a Speedvagen but with a twist". Whilst of course the team at the Vanilla Workshop are renowned for their 'out there' style, we were happy to rise to the challenge.

The bike's original finish featured a lot of branding which dominated the design so we looked first to strip some of this down. With that in mind, we opted to simply have one larger, colourful Speedvagen graphic on the downtube as a colour adornment and one smaller, more crisp version just to remind this who might not know, that this indeed was a Speedvagen frameset.

The larger logo features Suzuki Supreme metallic red lettering, outlined in metallic gold. This outline acts as a perimeter fence to contain mixed size polka dots (a common flourish feature on Speedvagen framesets). In our design, some of these polka dots can't be contained and have burst out, spreading across the frame, fork, seatmast topper and cockpit.

The smaller Speedvagen graphic on the downtube is a solid, black graphic with a drop shadow. Unfussy and clean.

Beneath the more complex graphics and dot patterns, almost hidden, is a three colour separation design... the front of the bike is a light, flat, solid orange; the middle portion of the frame is a slightly darker orange and the back end of the bike, darker still. This alone is a stand-out design, offered in varying iterations by many brands.

One of our favourite touches on this bike is the tiny Speedvagen shield emblem on the front of the topper... intricate fine lines, a sharp unicorn horn and even a tiny number 11.

[Images courtesy of Noble Wheels]