PROJECT: Saffron x Bulleit
BUILDER: Saffron Frameworks
FINISH:  This build scooped 'Best in Show' and 'Outstanding Finish' at Bespoked 2018 and its plain to see why.

Representative of the mixing ratios in the recipe of the whisky brand it was built for, two-thirds of the bike have been copper plated and brushed, whilst the rear third is in brushed stainless steel.

The initial step for us was to get the frame under a direct adhesion clear primer coat as soon as we got our hands on it from the team at Allenchrome. This provides a barrier seal to the elements and prevents the copper from developing a verdigris, which whist attractive in its own way, will compromise the finish. It also of course means we can apply 'colour' graphics and branding as 'windows' to the substrate - particularly the bi-laminated headtube - without having a pronounced or defined 'lip' at the edges of the paint.

The tube-wrapping 'windows' in the paint at the front end of the bike were created by using custom masks shaped like husked ears of corn, those at the back end are shaped like the seedheads of rye, again indicative of the brand's whisky recipe.

Given that the fork couldn't be electroplated because it's made of carbon, it was tied into the scheme with the flat grey colour used throughout and a custom mixed orange on the inside of the blades, then a copper foil effect in the minutely detailed branding on the outer blade, just beneath the crown. You can't quite catch it in the images but there's one final piece of the rye, airbrushed on the inside of the fork blade too.

For a scheme with such complex and detailed technical features, it's well-balanced and somehow not garish. This is without doubt, one of our favourite finishes.

[Images via  Ben Broomfield]