PROJECT: Saffron House Special for Natchanan
BUILDER: Saffron Frameworks
FINISH:  No two HOUSE SPECIALS are ever the same.

We create a design based on a theme and a loose colour palette provided by the customer.

From afar this paint scheme seems quite simple and traditional, with bands of colour and the standard frame builder’s branding…

Up-close you can see the granite-like texture within the graphite colour blocks finished at either end with thin wrap-around bands in graphite and gold.

It’s only when you speak with the rider that you understand where the colour choices come from.
Natchanan’s daughter is named “Tubtim” which means Ruby so what better colour than a deep, House of Kolor Brandy Wine which appears to transform in the sunlight; It’s the little things that make it more than just paint on a bike.

[Images via Saffron Frameworks]