BUILDER: Rowan Frameworks
FINISH:  The EDC is the first of two Rowan Frameworks bikes we finished for Bespoked 2017 with this one picking up an outstanding finish award.

We worked closely with Timmy on this project to find the perfect coating for this bike designed for misadventure. Timmy’s meticulous attention to detail is evident on the whole build so the finish had to be in keeping.

Together we settled on a somewhat experimental product we’ve affectionately nicknamed “RUBBLE”. It’s a hard-wearing, textured coating applied across the frame, fork, rack and bullmoose bars. The bike actually has two separate applications of the product; one, finer mix all over and a secondary, more coarse mix in key areas that might be expected to take more abuse. The Rubble finish is available in any RAL colour but for this project we settled on a subtle navy black, with the EDC branding picked out in an off-white. Nothing loud was needed as the details on this build speak for themselves.

If we could own any of the bikes we painted for the show, it would be this one.

[Images via  Rowan Frameworks and Ben Broomfield]