PROJECT: Mercredi Rasta Road
BUILDER: Mercredi Cycles
FINISH:  This finish looks deceptively simple but is steeped in technical elements that were both fun and challenging to tackle.

There are three different blue colour blocks with crisp edges that match perfectly across the tubes. This feature is also continued through to the Silcaframe pump.

The rear triangle hosts another feature… the inside of the stays and the back of the seat tube show red-yellow-green to represent Brixton Cycles; the club the bike’s owner rides in.

Adeline’s bikes are made for competing so she often has details on the rear triangle that you’ll only see when you’re overtaken! Like the coloured rear end or her “Good Vibes Only” mantra.

The Mercredi branding is picked out in yellow with another hint of the Brixton livery while the Columbus branding on the Futura fork is subtlety disguised in the blues.

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