PROJECT: Quirk x ELF x CCW Track Bikes
BUILDER: Quirk Cycles
FINISH:  We're often asked by teams and individuals if we can help support them, their event, their brand etc by offering our services by way of 'sponsorship' or similar.

Whenever we can, we like to help by contributing giftcards, merch, painted trophies or the odd pair of Oakleys here and there. 

This was one such occasion wherein we were asked to give the ELF Team a helping hand. Small, self-funded teams often rely heavily on brand endorsements and sponsorship to help equip them with everything they need so they can help fund the costs of travelling to compete in major sporting events and continue to encourage new riders to take up competitive cycling. Whilst we couldn't offer our services for free, we were happy to come to an arrangement with the team to give them something inside their budget that would serve their needs. It also helped of course that these bikes are all made by the fair hand of Rob Quirk, who we collaborate closely with on a regular basis.

The finish we landed on is what we refer to as 'Rubble'. This textured product is the strongest and most robust finish we can apply from an HVLP gun so was the perfect choice for frames due to face the the rigours of baggage handlers, city riding and the international fixed crit circuit renowned for it's crashes!

Our Rubble finish is available in any RAL colour so we were able to match it closely to the grey tones used in this year's ELF kit. We added minor airbrush colour flourishes on the driveside blades of the Columbus forks in order for the team to be able to pick each other out in the peloton and to further tie-in the brand colours and kit design.

The rest of the graphics consist almost purely of branding because of course, getting ten bikes like this race ready is a team effort and all parties need to be acknowledged for their efforts and contributions. We ordinarily would turn our noses up at any kind of sticker or decal transfer kit but in this instance, there was good reason... sponsorships and endorsements are often seasonal so permanently emblazoning logos on a bike can mean it may need a new paint job in a year; with that in mind, the ELF guys proposed that the downtube logo totem be in the form of a transfer in order that it can be updated for future seasons without the need for a potentially costly full refinish. Smart.

As always with a Quirk, the finishing touch is the brushed stainless steel headbadge up front.

This project was a genuine pleasure to work on, the team were helpful throughout and accommodating of our critique and contributions.  The finished look is the result of a collaboration in the truest sense of the word and we couldn't be happier with the results. The bikes have already seen international podium places and we look forward to seeing more great results this year.

[Images courtesy of East London Fixed]