PROJECT: Quirk Speedbird
BUILDER: Quirk Cycles
FINISH:  This is one of those super subtle finishes that you have to really see up close to appreciate.

The layout and colour scheme are based on a BOAC aircraft; the main body of the frame is a BLMC colour, 'Monogram Nightshade' which is a blue so dark, it reads as black. The Quirk branding sits in that deep blue, almost hidden in a PPG Process Black. You have to tilt your head and catch the light to see it.

The fork is finished in a RAL Signal White with the iconic 'Speedbird' graphic airbrushed in to mimic the aircraft's fuselage.

As a final flourish, the entire bike has been given a gloss flowcoat and deep polish for a 'showroom' finish.

All in all, this is a clean, classy, black and white bike with a story.

[Images by Nikoo Hamzavi]