PROJECT: Quirk Peacock
BUILDER: Quirk Cycles
FINISH: Sanjeev was a great customer to work for; he had a clear idea of the intent of his final finish but he was not fixed to any particular method of achieving his desired result.

It was his intention for his road bike to honour his father and grandmother. His grandmother is represented in the green>blue hues that emulate the shimmering colour change of a peacock feather and his father is given pride of place on the top tube in the shape of a hammer signifying his father’s trade.

Whilst still being unique to Sanj and his vision, this finish was accomplished under the banner of a ‘Quirk Level 2’ scheme - a fixed price, top-down fade finish we regularly undertake for Rob Quirk.

All the usual details are there… Columbus branding throughout in silver, brushed stainless headbadge and the SPI gloss clear!

[Images by Nikoo Hamzavi]