PROJECT: Quirk Grinduro
BUILDER: Quirk Cycles
FINISH: Each year The Grinduro event and race selects a number of framebuilders to make a feature build in their livery to display and race at the event. This year, Rob Quirk was selected and this bike is his effort.

The competition is stiff but there are brand guidelines to consider so Rob came up with this scheme which showcases a couple of different techniques without being too busy. The rear end of the bike is a solid, RAL Grey. The front end has a Lambourghini purple which contains a pearl which makes it at times invisible but in the right light, it shimmers beautifully. On the top tube, this purple to grey transition is interrupted by a solid asymmetrical white colour block whilst on the downtube, the purple fades long into the grey.

The downtube graphic is picked out in a dynamic Fiat orange, again with a great amount of pearl. This same orange is used as a sparingly as a splatter throughout the grey areas of the bike for a further flourish.

As always, the entire bike is coated with a deep gloss from the SPI clearcoat and the the front end has a brushed stainless headbadge. This is one of our favourite of the many Quirks we've tackled. We hope to see it do well at the event.

[Images by Nikoo Hamzavi]