PROJECT: Giant Rubble Quirk
BUILDER: Quirk Cycles
FINISH:  This finish for a Quirk customer had a few elements to consider beyond the aesthetic.

As you can likely tell from the geometry, the rider is TALL. This has meant that in their lifetime, they have damaged and destroyed frames which weren’t up to the challenge! With this in mind, the correct course of action was a custom-built frameset with a TOUGH finish. For us here, there is no stronger finish we can apply using HVLP hardware than our textured ‘Rubble’ paint.

Budgets being what they are, the customer had room for a single colour and a minor flourish. This presents us with the potential issue of creating a ‘blob’ of colour… the frame is, as we’ve established, massive so if we paint it green, it’s a green blob; if we paint it red, it’s a red blob and so on. With this in mind, it was necessary for us to break up the large mass of tubes.

There was an initial suggestion of utilising our ‘rust effect’ finish but this too has a significant price tag. We ran with this theme however and gave the bike an all-over orange Rubble and then dusted a multi-coloured splatter over the front-most section of the frameset in colours which reference the reddish, mottled hues similar to those that might naturally occur as steel oxidises and corrodes.

As always, branding is picked out in a contrasting colour, in this case a gun metal grey and there’s an exposed stainless headbadge at the front-end to let everyone know, it’s a quality Quirk brand frameset.

[Images by Nikoo Hamzavi]