PROJECT: Quirk ELF Road Bike
BUILDER: Quirk Cycles
FINISH:  Although a somewhat contradictory angle of approach, we're often asked by clients to execute a finish that is complex, unique and clearly bespoke BUT still must be subtle and not 'loud'.

This is one such finish where 'stealth' was key but so too was 'flair'.

Originally floated was the suggestion of a gloss/matte contrast in the graphic elements but given that this can be quite costly, and is quite a common finish, we opted for a simple Signal Black paired with a dynamic grey; Ferrari's Canna di Fucile (a house favourite).

Rob Wiseman of East London Fixed was looking for something toned down and not too showy for his custom built Quirk road frameset and we think we delivered. Important to the project of course was the ELF signature tessellating pattern which was painstakingly applied to the outer surface of the fork blades. The pattern is so delicate that you simply can't make it out whilst the bike is moving, only when static can you appreciate the detail involved.

This is a Quirk finish that avoids garish colours in favour of a simple contrast in hues which gives the build rather than the paint, centre stage.

[Images by Nikoo Hamzavi]