PROJECT: Blood Marble
BUILDER: Quirk Cycles
FINISH:  These are the type of projects we love to sink our teeth into (!)

Rob’s customer provided us with images of Safari trips to inspire this scheme. There were lush green hues, dusty arid desert umbers with the soft ochres of lions’ manes. After a little back and forth with some suggestions sitting mainly in the greens of African foliage, the client suggested perhaps something more active and even violent… we were asked to interpret the colours of a fresh lion kill! We of course pounced and ran with it…

Using our in-house ‘marble effect’ we built up layers of metallic reds for flesh and blood with pearl whites for bones and teeth. The overlap, interaction and clash of these colour products created a movement and depth in the layers and reveals even more colours, even purples and blues as the products stack on top of one another.

This marble effect is confined to the front-most portion of the of the frameset; fork, headtube and a solid portion of the top and down tubes. It is made separate from the rear end of the bike - a galaxy black metallic - with two individual transition styles at the same time… there’s an angular, hard-lined, broken edge implying snapped bones or ripped flesh, under which sits a fade from the metallic red base in to the black rear end implying the flow and ooze of blood. All in all, quite graphic if you read the story we’ve aimed to add, but outside of the violent imagery, it’s a pretty red pattern on the front of a custom bike!

In order to avoid clashing with the already busy patterns, we added the Quirk and Columbus branding throughout in a flat battleship grey and as always, there’s a brushed Quirk headbadge on the front setting the frame apart from it’s contemporaries.

[Images by Nikoo Hamzavi]