PROJECT: Quirk Alpenglow
BUILDER: Quirk Cycles
FINISH: Often, a Quirk finish has a straightforward single colour and a second colour graphic… sometimes they have a signature top-to-bottom fade… occasionally, they’re a little more “out there”. this one falls into the latter category.

The design features a stylised interpretation of the natural phenomenon known as ‘Alpenglow’. You can see some examples of that here.

This effect utilises vibrant pink, orange and purple over a rich, deep blue; much in fitting with many of the Quirk finishes. The orange and purple take the form of complete angled ‘wraps’ of colour to represent snow-capped mountains. Above these mountains, on each tube and fork leg, there is a short, pink fade representing the the reflective light effect of Alpenglow into the night sky. The branding, along with a small monogram flourish on the seat tube are all picked out in a contrasting, crisp white.

There are stainless dots throughout on the contact point hardware, a lush shiny Quirk headbadge and of course, the whole thing is under a deep coat of SPI gloss clearcoat.

[Images by Nikoo Hamzavi]