Refinishing Courses

Following the success of our renowned ‘Introduction to Paint’ courses - including attendances from brands such as Saffron Frameworks, Hartley Cycles, Quirk Cycles, Victoire Cycles, Cooper Bikes amongst others - we have taken some excellent feedback and put together a variety of new course options to better cater to the differing needs of individuals.

Whilst all of the information here relates to bicycles, we can assist you with ANY substrate. We’re happy to teach you the skills involved in refinishing furniture, sculpture, musical instruments and more… anything you can imagine. If it fits in our booth, we can help you paint it, so you can take away the skills to refinish substrates to a high level over and over again.

We hope there are options for inquisitive cycling enthusiasts, paint hobbyists, practicing professional framebuilders looking to bring refinishing in-house, established refinishers wishing to develop their skills, newly established framebuilders wishing to learn from scratch, companies looking for a team building event, people just looking for a fun activity for a day or two, larger brands looking to create special edition one-off designs etc.

You’ll see all of the standard variations we offer below but if there is something you’d like us to assist you with and you don’t see it listed, just ask.

Dates are flexible on every course. All tools and materials are provided.

We are additionally happy to offer consultation services after you have attended one of our ITP courses. You can contact us for tips and advice on which tools and machines to purchase, how to set up your booth, and what pitfalls to avoid on new projects. We can even come and help spec your space and build your booth for you.

In order to support the framebuilding community and encourage people to see their projects over the line, graduates of The Bicycle Academy are entitled to a 10% discount on our full ‘Introduction to Paint’ course.

Drop us a line via our CONTACT page to book your course now and become part of the ever-growing custom-finishing community.


If you’re planning on attending, there are a couple of points to consider before you commit.

All courses will take place in an active, functioning workshop. Refinishing processes may be taking place around you while you are instructed. The booth may be active whilst you are polishing for example.

There may be 2-4 students attending at the same time as you on your course. If you have a preference, it can at times be possible, to have dedicated one-to-one tuition – this has cost implications but please feel free to ask if you'd prefer this arrangement.

All courses and classes are available at a discounted rate for multi-person, same time bookings.

All products and consumables are included in the cost of the course with the exception of some “premium” products which can be added on for a small surcharge. Examples of products considered “Premium” would be things such as candies, candy basecoats, chromatic colour shifting paint or specialist tinted metallics.

On all ‘Introduction to Paint’ courses, you will be provided with an appropriate PPE mask which you can take away with you.

Upon receipt of your deposit, we’ll send you a link to an area of our website which will show you where to find us, how to prepare and what to expect in terms of the complexity of your finish.


1 Day
£150.00 per person
£100.00 per person
(two person minimum)
The substrates to demonstrate these principles and techniques will be supplied. You won’t take these away with you.

  • Learn to remove nibs, runs and factory peel from provided substrates.

  • Perform “Paintless Repairs”

  • Become familiar with tooling and products required to remedy common issues and create a 'show finish' in the clearcoat.

BEST SUITED TO: Former Introduction to Paint attendees looking for a refresher.

Owners of multiple bikes looking to learn a new skill for improving and maintaining the finish on their collection.

  • Using a same-day application process with assisted curing, you will refinish your bike in a single RAL colour using a textured 'RUBBLE' product.

  • You will then add branding in a second colour using airbrushes.

  • The final step will be 'detailing' the frameset.

    BEST SUITED TO: People in need of a quick turnaround on a custom finish.

    People intending to 'abuse' their bikes and in need of a more robust finish.


1 Day
£300.00 per person
£200.00 per person
(two person minimum)
You will be able to take your completed finish away with you on the same day. Accelerated curing will be utilised. Additional curing is recommended.

Working on a pre-approved substrate you’ll go through every step involved in creating a professional finish.

  • Priming,

  • Base colour with a minijet,

  • Clearcoat with a minijet,

  • Polishing.

BEST SUITED TO: People looking to colour match a component.

Former ‘Introduction to Paint’ attendees looking for a refresher.

Those looking for an insight into the full paint process before tackling a full bike in their own time.


1 Day
£300.00 per person
£250.00 per person
(two person minimum)
You will be able to take your completed finish away with you on the same day. Accelerated curing will be utilised. Additional curing is recommended. The accessory must be approved in advance.

Send us your frameset in advance. We will raw, prep, prime, make paint ready and hardware mask. You simply turn up, apply the paints, masks graphics, then clearcoat and walk away. Your bike cures, we flatten and polish it for you and you collect it.

BEST SUITED TO: People not wishing to get involved in all the technical details but rather just wanting a day of paint fun!

People who may not have time to give multiple days to a project.

Former ‘Introduction to Paint’ attendees looking to refinish another frameset.


10-14 Days for curing before collection
£650.00 per person
£450.00 per person
(two person minimum)
NOTES: All projects finished in the ‘Just Paint’ course will have a small logo added to clearly differentiate them from work carried out by Cole Coatings Workshop.
The final level of polishing and detailing achievable will be in part determined by the application of the clearcoat.

This is the most ‘complete’ course we offer. With three fully supervised days on our site, you can expect to undertake:

  • Keying and prepping the substrate ready for product

  • Hardware masking

  • Application of primer with a minijet

  • Keying and prepping the primer for colour

  • Application of a ‘main’ body colour with a minijet

  • Masking and application of a second flourish colour with a minijet

  • Stencil application and addition of branding/detail with an airbrush

  • Clearcoat with a minijet

  • Hardware detailing following curing

  • Wet-flatting following curing

  • Premium polishing and detailing following curing

BEST SUITED TO: Framebuilding course graduates looking to completely refinish their bikes.

Budding brands looking to learn to refinish.

Established brands aiming to take refinishing in-house.

Established brands looking to gain an insight into the processes in order to create ‘better’ finish designs.

People looking to refresh and rejuvenate their classic framesets.

[Steel/Alu/Ti FRAMESET]

8 days recommended*
£900.00 per person
£700.00 per person
(two person minimum)
Individuals who are graduates of The Bicycle Academy and other framebuilding Courses are entitled to a 10% discount.

The frameset must arrive clean, without a factory finish or flux - we can arrange blasting ahead of time if you wish.
Natural curing will occur between attendance days 2 and 3 for at least one week.
*- International attendees or those pressed for time can request for a 4 day duration arrangement to keep hotel costs to a minimum; this option will include accelerated curing and incur an additional fee.
Suitable for steel, aluminium and titanium framesets with matched or carbon forks.
With notice, we are always happy assist you with any branding and graphics you may wish to include.

This is exactly as outlined in the above ‘Introduction to Paint’ course but also features an additional stage to prep the carbon factory finish if your bike has one. On the additional day you will learn:

  • How to remove, flatten and smooth graphics or transfers present on your substrate.

  • How to remove fully or “Feather” and key the factory finish with abrasives to create a mechanical bond in order that primer can be applied over the finish.

BEST SUITED TO: People looking to add a unique finish to their carbon framesets whilst learning the fundamentals of bicycle refinishing.


9 days recommended*
£1,200.00 per person
£1,000.00 per person
(two person minimum)
In the instance where you are unable to complete the flatting stages on day one, we will provide a kit of abrasives in order that you can finish off at home before you return for the following stages.
The factory finish will not be removed in full, rather it will be flattened and feathered in order for you to build on top. If you wish to remove all of the factory finish, you will need to take your frame away with you and complete at home.
*- International attendees or those pressed for time can request for a 5 day duration arrangement to keep hotel costs to a minimum.
This option will include accelerated curing and incur an additional fee.

If you are already attending any of our ‘Introduction to Paint’ courses and wish to tackle a more complex or advanced finish, you can simply add on additional days in order to include these steps. Examples of processes that require involved masking steps, more complex or premium products, or specialist techniques and are therefore considered ‘advanced’ are:

  • Longer fades/gradients

  • Full-length pinstripes

  • Candy colours

  • Pearl colours

  • Chromatic colours

  • Glitter/Metal Flake

  • Non-gloss finishes

  • Graphics that require sub-assembly

  • Finishes with four colours or more

  • Metal leaf

  • Silver, Gold or lighter metallics as base colours

  • Marbling

  • Lug masking

  • Stainless exposed windows

  • Multi-layer airbrush graphics

    : People with a more complex idea.

    Framebuilders attending and working on a finish they will sell to a customer with a clear vision of a more detailed finish.


£300.00 per person per day
If you aren’t sure if your design is ‘advanced’ let us know what you have in mind and we’ll help you figure it out.

In addition to everything outlined in the ‘Introduction to Paint’ courses, we’re happy to offer an unlimited amount of attendance days in order to help you realise a truly complex vision. In short, you’ll have as much active painting time as you need, along with our expert knowledge, assistance and tooling on-hand to create something truly impressive.

BEST SUITED TO: Former ‘Introduction to Paint’ attendees wishing to tackle a more complex finish.

Confident refinishers looking to create something special.

Brands aiming to create a finish for a show.

People with a wild idea!


ATTENDANCE: 4 Days Minimum
9 Days Minimum
£350 per day

If we are already refinishing a project for you, we offer the option for you to attend any or all of the days in which we are actively working on your substrate, to see how it’s done. Whilst you won’t be “hands-on” at any point, you may ask questions, take notes, photos and document the process as you see fit.

This approach offers the most insight into custom bicycle refinishing at Cole Coatings Workshop. Rather than having us teach you how to paint, you will see exactly how we do it, including any insider secrets, workarounds, tricks and tips.

BEST SUITED TO: Former ‘Introduction to Paint’ attendees wishing to have a refresher.

Brands looking to generate assets for their sites and social media outlets.

Brands aiming to get a behind-the-scenes look at refinishing in order to be better equipped for designing.

Inquisitive minds.

Established refinishers looking to develop their knowledge.


Project dependant
£100.00 per day
£75.00 per person (2 minimum)
An appropriate PPE mask will be provided.

Our booth is not actively being used every day of the week and at times is available for hire.

If you have attended one of our Introduction to Paint courses or have refinishing experience and we are confident you are familiar with the tooling and steps involved, we are happy to hire our booth for £150 per day (9am-5pm).

You may bring your own guns or hire some from us.

You may also bring your own products and consumables or have us provide you with a package to cover all the steps needed to refinish your bike from start to finish.

You can purchase colours from us or we can order custom products for your projects from suppliers on your behalf.

Use of our curing oven is also included.


Project dependant
£150.00 per day
PPE equipment will not be provided. Tools may be hired and consumables may be purchased


The product package costs just £150 and will contain enough of “everything” needed to refinish a bike from start to finish with the exception of basecoat colours as these are unique to every project.

  • “Spray Out Cards” / Test Panels

  • Abrasives to ready substrate for primer

  • Primer - three components (dark or light)

  • Abrasives to ready primer for colour

  • Mixing cups, stirrers, gloves and paint filters

  • Tack rag and crow’s feet cloths

  • Degreasing and cleaning solvents

  • Paint mixing solvents for three basecoats

  • Clearcoat - three components (matte or gloss)

  • Masking papers and tapes

  • Masking vinyl and application tape (610x305mm) - we will CNC plot your design in advance of your arrival with enough notice

  • Abrasives needed to wet-flat clearcoat

If you’ve attended one of our courses and plan to take advantage of our booth hire, you may also wish to purchase materials for your project. There is significant financial saving to be made by having us put together enough of each material to refinish a bike when compared to buying the significant quantity volumes required to buy the items yourself.

Basecoat Colours are unique to every project and are billed separately. £20 for colours available in stock and £40 for custom colour orders (standard flat and metallics only - premium products can be ordered).

Guns can be hired at £20 per day each.

Airbrushes can be hired at £10 per day each.

A budding brand could provide their own guns and bring their own colours and effectively refinish a bike for just £300.