BUILDER: Autumn Frameworks
FINISH:  Trevor has been working on some wonderful things in his workshop recently and this is his latest creation.

For this finish, we were tasked with making a feature of the stainless Reynolds steel. We utilised a technique we've featured on a few framesets and created a 'window' to the steel through the downtube graphics and continued this feature throughout in the leaf motif...

Ella, the bike's owner is an Australian expat and she wanted this part of her character to be represented in the scheme so we took the silhouettes of indigenous British and Australian leaves and had them cascade around the downtube.

For the flourishes on the fork and stays, the same leaves were used to create a transitional pattern between the metallic green and the flat teal colour.

The seattube has a fine line logo totem and the front of the bike is finished off crisply with another custom made silver headbadge from Ella Bull.


[images by KamalRB]