PROJECT: Mercredi 'Rub-Through'
BUILDER: Mercredi Cycles
FINISH:  Where exactly the inspiration for this scheme came from, we're not entirely sure!

We know that at it's core, this is another Mercredi frameset with a three-colour block arrangement with the unique difference of having no 'hard' edges where colours meet. Instead, we have a unique soft-edge 'rub-through' effect that suggests a traditional short fade or perhaps that some of the paint has been removed by hand. Given an additional flow coat, this rub through effect appears to have texture but is completely smooth to the touch.

The bike features all of the 'usual' flourishes of the "Good Vibes Only", the single downtube logo and the "peace" headbadge - this time with a twist. Additionally, the top tube features a Morse code reminder to the rider to maintain a Positive Mental Attitude.

We've ended up with a clean finish that sits firmly in the Mercedi stable but as always has a couple of touches that make it even more personal for the owner.

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