PROJECT: Mercredi Gold Sausage Dog
BUILDER: Mercredi Cycles
FINISH:  Gold leaf has existed for many years as you of course no doubt know... it's a delicate and expensive material to apply and is used to represent wealth and decadence... Gold Leaf under clearcoat however is not as prevalent and is most certainly a tricky operation to get sharp and crisp! We're really pleased with the definition we were able to achieve with this one.

Adeline's brand is known for it's playful style and this is yet another example of that sense of humour.

The all-over solid colour is a Specialist Paints deep candy basecoat over a black groundcoat and that's really all there is to it... a good, rich, dynamic colour, applied cleanly all over and finished with SPI Clearcoat polished to our usual high standard.

The real flair is in the branding; the standard Mercredi headbadge, downtube graphic, seattube slogan and the unique infinity sausage dog are all added using custom masks to create a viewing window to the meticulously applied variegated gold leaf beneath. One further flourish is the drop shadow effect we added to the branding to give the additional appearance of depth and lift the branding off the tubes.

As a design, it's relatively minimal but as a demonstration of technical refinishing skill, it stands proud as one of our most challenging and rewarding finishes to date.

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