PROJECT: Dear Susan’s #projectpubesmobile
BUILDER: Dear Susan
FINISH:  It’s alive!

No project that involves Petor Georgallou could ever be considered ‘normal’ and this is yet another of those.

If you’re not familiar with the work of Bicycle Pubes, very briefly, they’re an Instagram-based, cycle-industry, meme-creating antagonist. They clearly love custom bikes but pull no punches when it comes to telling the industry about itself. Much like Dear Susan, they don’t take themselves too seriously and as such, they’re a perfect match for one another.

If you’ve followed the hashtag and have observed this creation at any stage, you might have thought that it was not real; merely a practical joke. At times, we did here… until it turned up to be refinished (!)

The Bicycle Pubes aesthetic is crudely drawn novelty jokes and jibes created in MSPaint. The Dear Susan approach is to never say no to creating something that doesn’t exist; if you can imagine it, he will build it or you! Together, they created the monster you can see here. Riddled with in-jokes, half-jokes, novelty flourishes, extra tubes and a geometry that somehow still allows it to be a ‘bike’ in the traditional sense. Check out their respective social media feeds for all of the details on the build and the good cause its raising money for: Planned Parenthood.

The key element that makes this project so different to the work we usually put out is the fact that we achieved the finish using only rattlecan paints provided in the most part by SPRAY.BIKE. Really. This was all done with off-the-shelf, readily available spray cans. Even the matte clearcoat we utilised over the final colour arrangement came from a spray can.

The main body of the bike has been covered in a splatter texture created using multiple Spray.Bike products… greens, blues, yellows, reds, greys… all of it… we manipulated the caps, altered the nozzles, mixed products together, generally avoided playing by the rules and had fun making a bit of a mess - this seemed apt given the spirit of the project.

We’d seen a sneak preview of the custom anodised Paul Components via instagram and our interest was piqued by the red to blue fade that had been accomplished and thought this was a good element to elaborate on. With this in mind, we created a rich red to blue fade from front to back across the frameset. Nothing too loud really… this bike already has a lot to take in… it didn’t need too crazy a paintjob! This colour divide also references the fact that this is a bike that can somehow be disassembled into two parts for ease of travel and shipping!

As is often the case, bikes aren’t truly ‘finished’ until they have branding on them. The downtube has a two-colour fried-egg logo with a little eggshell splatter in there for good measure whilst the top tube features the emblems of the key collaborators and a spraycan icon to remind everyone what can be accomplished with budget products, there’s even a crudely drawn scrotum, complete with pubic hair on the seat tube lug - all these fineline details were added using only Spray.Bike cans… it’s a bit of a marvel really!

If you get a chance to visit the event, go and see it and high-five everyone involved because behind the puerile humour, there’s a positive message and a great deal of skill and hard work from many people.

[Images via @brad.quartuccio and @stephenlamphoto]