We're keen to support the framebuilding community and forge relationships with new builders so if you've built your frame yourself and are coming via The Bicycle Academy or somewhere similar, you can take 10% off all of the prices you see below.


If all you need is a casual idea of what you can look to pay for your project, there are two things to know:
1 - Our minimum charge for any project is £150 irrespective of size.
2 - Bicycle framesets average between £500 and £800 but there is no upper limit.


We pride ourselves on being totally transparent where pricing is concerned. Below you'll see a breakdown of how much specific finishes, techniques and effects cost so if you know what you want, you'll have an idea of how to estimate your total spend. Grab a notepad and start totalling all the different elements. If you can't see what you want listed below, feel free to get in touch via our CONTACT page.


This cost will cover having your substrate keyed, primed, prepped, given a single clearcoat and then polished. Once you've established your base price you can have a look through this page and total your project's cost based on colours and effects etc. Have a look at the list. Your start price will be determined by the material your substrate is made from.

Steel Frame /w Steel Fork - £140
Aluminiumor Ti Frame /w Aluminium or Ti Fork - £140
Steel Frame /w Carbon Fork - £160
Aluminium Frame or ti /w Carbon Fork - £160
LUGGED FRAME /W carbon fork - £220
Full Carbon Frameset LEVEL 01* - £350
Full Carbon Frameset LEVEL 02* - £550
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
SANDBLASTING** - £40-£80
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
PREPPING of ADDitional colour matched parts*** - £40-£80

Any substrate that cannot be blasted for whatever reason, may be charged as though it were carbon because of the need to raw it by hand.

** - For the most part, we work on 'ready-to-paint' framesets direct from framebuilders - if your frameset already has a coating, it will be blasted off-site by a third party for an additional charge. This cost cannot be discounted.
* - To maintain the integrity of carbon fibre substrates, it is essential to remove the original finish by hand; without blasting or power tools. Best practice, for strongest bonds between the paint products is to take the substrate back mostly to it's raw elements, we refer to this process as a "LEVEL 02" carbon rawing. This process also has the benefit of not adding unnecessary weight to a high-end carbon frameset. An alternative, less labour intensive, more cost-effective approach is to rely on the already established bonds between the substrate and the factory finish which we refer to as "LEVEL 01" carbon rawing. For this option, we cut back the original finish to a consistent level and begin building colours on top. The most costly and labour intensive is a “LEVEL 03” finish - this process is for weight weenies and is priced high to represent the significant work involved in using multiple stages of wet and dry abrasives to remove all of the factory paint from the substrate. This third option takes a particularly long time to achieve - around 8 weeks at most times of the year.
*** - In order to colour match a stem or bars or a pump etc, we may need to raw these delicate components by hand. Some are more straightforward than others. We will assess the level of work required once we've seen the parts in question.


Now that you've chosen your start price from the above list, you can now start adding colours. Irrespective of coverage, prices are calculated based on a 'per colour' basis. So, if you wish to have an all-over flat green, that's £40. If you wish to have the fork in a metallic blue, add another £50.

Flat / Solid - £40
Metallic - £50
Pearlescent* - £60
Candy* - £60
Neon / Lumo / Fluro* - £60
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
SILVER PREP** - £100


*Some products require a ground coat before they can be applied. For example, Pearls are usually applied over black, Candies over silver and Fluro over white. Additionally, with some specialist products, additional clearcoats may be needed between layers.
*** - Based on their metallic make up and light reflecting properties, silvers (and other lighter metallics) often necessitate additional prep stages in order to remove and more extreme tooling and prep marks in the priming stages or even in the substrate.


The cost of specialist effects is relative to coverage.
There are of course an almost infinite number of specialist finishes. If you're interested in something not listed here... glow-in-the-dark, blacklight reactive, thermo-reactive etc - just get in touch.


from £100
Specialist chemical process that creates fractal patterns in colours.


£30 per colour
'Random' colour splashes.


£50 Additional
Imported 'UHS' clearcoat for deeper shine.


from £100
Chromatic 'colour shifting' paint that changes appearance based on light.


from £200
Premium imported glitter flake. Available in many colours. An additional clear coat is required. 


from £200
Multi-stage process that emulates the appearance of electroplating. Tintable and suitable for carbon.


from £200
Gives the appearance of oxidation without compromising the substrate. 


£20 each
Transitional gradients between colours.


from £200
Classic Hot-Rod technique that gives the appearance of marble.


In order to separate colours for designs, we precision cut stencils and masks and apply them by hand before and in-between coats. The complexity of the design will dictate the price. We will agree this with you before we start on your bike. As a guideline, this is how we figure it out:

Straightforward masking for one head tube design and two down tube logos. We will include this level of masking free of charge on any two-colour paint job.

INTERMEDIATE - £50 - £100
Masks for two or more colours, small stainless contact areas or a design with more complex patterns or graphics.

Multiple colour masks, designs inside the forks, stays or hard to reach areas. Masked lugs or design features needed to match and marry across the frame and fork  or any sub-assembly for example.


In some instances, non-paint specific works are needed in order to finish a project to our exacting high standards.

"SILVER" PREP*** - 60
Lug Lining** - XXX
FLOOD Filling (per lug / engraving) - £20
Dent Filling / Re-contouring - from £20
Dent Pulling (where possible) - FROM £30
Polishing (badges/dropouts etc) - FROM £30
Decal Application (waterslide/transfers etc) - £POA*

* - Almost all of the graphics and branding on CCW finishes is applied using paint. Decals and sticker kits represent a poor level of finishing and compromise the processes involved. In rare cases, we'll use period correct decal kits but these instances are not common. If you wish to include tubing branding transfers (Reynolds / Columbus etc) rather than having us use paint, these stickers are applied OVER the clearcoat as standard.
** - Whilst lug lining-can be a great effect, we feel it represents a visibly 'hand-finished' effect which is not in fitting with our more modern approach to premium custom refinishing. In short; we don't lug line here.


AIRBRUSH - £50 - Smaller, localised or delicate graphics may need to be added using an airbrush rather than an HVLP gun. If this is the case, an additional fee will be incurred.


Occasionally there are additional steps and processes required to acheive a high level of finish.


Some colour combinations, complex graphics or technical elements need to be ‘sealed’ with a clear layer before they’re painted over to avoid bleeding or to allow a paint finish to be 'paused' so it can be finished the next day for example.

ARTWORK PREP - £35 per hour

All artwork, logos and decals need to be provided in a scalable vector format. If you are unable to do this, we can redraw your designs for you or create logos and other graphic elements. 


If you wish to have a stems, bars, cranks, mudguards, hubs, rims etc colour-matched and painted at the same time as your frameset, these should be factored in at an additional £60 each.



Occasionally, media blasting can reveal poor surfaces beneath original paint or new frames have 'pinholes' in the brazing for example. To maintain a high level of finish, we repair this surface with filler material.

alternative sheen - £150

All substrates leave Cole Coatings Workshop with a high gloss finish as standard. Non-gloss, satin or matte finishes are applied on top of this gloss clear layer. 


Tandems, recumbents, cargo bikes etc. As a guide, these frames often require two workstands or two sets of hands. As such, their base prices are doubled. They may then incur greater charges for colours because of the additional coverage. A further consideration is that these frames do not fit in our oven so must be cured naturally meaning turnaround times are increased. Best bet is to simply get in touch for a quote.

If you have an idea for a project that you don’t think is covered by the options on this list, get in touch and we’ll put a price together for you.