Download our DESIGN TEMPLATE to sketch your ideas and show us what you want from your project.

At present our current turnaround time is 3-4 weeks.*

* - Based on a pre-agreed project arrival date, pre-approved graphics and finish and receipt of a sound substrate.

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At Cole Coatings Workshop we're extremely lucky to have our work in such high demand. 

With that in mind, we aren’t able to say “yes” to every project we’re offered. Instead, we give priority to independent framebuilders, artists, sculptors and other such creatives who bring us technical, challenging, large scale – and more importantly – collaborative projects.

Given our heavy workload, we aren’t able to take in restorations, repairs or single colour projects at the moment.

If you think your project is something you might like to see us involved in, fill in your details below and get in touch.

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