PROJECT: Cinelli Superstar
BUILDER: Cinelli
FINISH:  Phone calls from the team at Chicken Cycle Kit always yield interesting projects and this is a prime example.

Not wishing to have a stock finish, the team commissioned us to add some flair to the standard finish on the Superstar Disc.

We replaced the original white base with a more characterful grey. We used a vibrant candy apple green from Custom Paints for the accents on the stays and blades and then went to town on the inside of the forks with an epically busy, multi-coloured overlapping tessellating pattern.

The cherry on the cake is literally a cherry... the downtube hosts a five colour, airbrushed cartoon cherry icon... no, it's not a sticker!

As if that weren't enough, we dusted the whole thing with a colourshifting powder pearl to put some depth into the grey and really highlight the green.