PROJECT: Biker Grove
BUILDER: Autumn Frameworks
FINISH:  This project marks our first with S&S Couplings. It's always worth considering with a scheme featuring this hardware that there will be two big shiny chunks of exposed steel somewhere on the bike...

This bike hosts a scheme designed by Trevor at Autumn Frameworks. He'd been toying with sketches and asked us to help him make this subtly technical finish a reality.

The 'front' of the bike starts with the Autumn Frameworks headbadge surrounded by the outline of a shield or crest in a standard RAL colour, the shape of which matches that of the exposed couplings and the custom cut seatpost.

A sharp pinstripe breaks off from the 'shield' and makes it's way along the length of the top tube, "through" the coupling then snakes down the seat tube and seat stays.

Above the pinstripe is a metallic orange colour chosen to match a McLaren sports car. Below the pinstripe is the same colour, only this time it is present as a long, graduated fade beginning at the head tube and ghosting to nothing at the rear end of the bike. The ultra fine airbrush details in the logo totem are a good way of identifying the midway point of the fade.

The drive side chain stay has been left exposed with a simple wraparound band at the transition from paint to 'raw'. This shows off the Reynolds 953 tubing and acts as another feature to tie-in the exposed coupling hardware.

All-in-all this is an interesting technical finish that puts us in mind of a public school tie and blazer combo... hence the nickname.