BUILDER: Autumn Frameworks
FINISH:  After having painted a few of Trevor's framesets for him recently, we decided that CCW's own Splatterson's AFW track frame was in need of a revamp.

When we're painting our own bikes we're able to be a little more experimental and try things that no-one would ever really request or perhaps that we can't really describe, we just have to show you... In this instance, that took the form of a front-to-back fade in two contrasting TVR style, colour-changing 'flip' paints from Custom Paints. The rear of the bike hosts a colour that shifts from 'mango' to 'cherry' and the front has a blue to purple shifting pearl.

Graphic highlights in black are the top tube's signature Autumn Frameworks mandala, the cursive 'Autumn' script on the down tube and the ubiquitous logo totem on the seat tube.

Finally, the whole bike is finished in a matte clearcoat to tone down the garish effect of the flip paint. 

The matte clear works as a perfect contrast to the hardware; all mirror polished by Jamey Wallis aka Pista Resistance.

It's also worth noting that for these photos, we gave the bike a quick clean with the No Quarter 'Speed Detailer' for matte finishes which we'll have for sale through our webstore very soon.