CARING FOR YOUR custom finish

If you've made it to this page it's likely that you've had us undertake a custom finish for you and you're interested in knowing how to keep it looking it's best.

Once you've got your frameset home, fully unwrap it from the packaging and just leave it. We know it'll be hard to resist but leave it for at least three weeks! This will give a significant curing window and allow solvents to continue to leave the finish, making it less likely that you'll compromise the finish in reassembly. This might sound silly because your finish will appear ‘dry’ to the touch but drying and curing aren’t the same thing. This curing window MUST be observed if you plan to have a protective film applied.


We're really pleased to be able to offer a discount code for a custom frame wrap via Cycle Wrap.

This is a professionally applied, all-over protective wrap that will defend your finish against abrasions, chips, scratches etc.*

Prices start at £150 and you'll get all the technical details on their site but when you get to the checkout, use code "COLE10" for 10% off.


There are lots of polishing products out there and choosing can be a bit of a minefield. We've taken way some of the fuss by choosing some products that we think are high-quality, well-priced options for great aftercare.

If you have a gloss finish, everything you'll need is in the No Quarter Detailing Kit available from our webshop here.

For a non-gloss finish (satin, matte etc), you can't polish your bike in the traditional sense but you can clean and protect it using the No Quarter Speed Detailer, available from our webshop here.


One final option for a Cole Coatings Workshop custom painted gloss finish is to have your frame delivered back to our shop for professional polishing. We can remove light to mid depth scratches and re-buff your finish back to its original shine and potentially remedy more serious chips and scratches with localised spot repairs. If this is something you're interested in, drop us a message via our contact page.

* - The products and services provided by are not carried out by Cole Coatings Workshop. Whilst we are confident in their quality and effectiveness, these are third party products and services for which we can offer no guarantee.